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Purchasing and supply management

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Simple or specific packaging
  • Pallets and containers
  • Marketing objects (POS, gifts, accessories, posters, catalogs...)

Development and production of statistics for your marketing research and quality studies

  • Logistics figures
  • Sales statistics
  • Quality statistics (production defects, scrap, ...)
  • Management of your indicators
  • Logistics advice for your product launches

Management of your supply

  • Product supply
  • Consumables supply

Regulatory advice

  • Packaging regulations
  • Transport regulations
  • ADR, IMDG, IATA regulations
  • Storage standards


Reception and quality control of all types of veterinary products and accessories

  • Meticulous inspection of the compliance of products: Simple, fragile, heat-sensitive, technical, dangerous, narcotic products
  • Control of labeling information and datamatrix codes
  • Control of the adequacy of the reception in relation to the packing list and expectations
  • Receipt of orders by EDI, e-mail, fax, phone, web files
  • Physical and computer management of batch status
  • Receipt of quarantined products


  • Storage in the warehouse (15 to 25°C)
  • Storage in a secure area
  • Storage in a cold room (2 to 8°C)
  • Storage at -192°C in liquid nitrogen
  • Storage at -80°C in ultra-low temperature freezers
  • Stock management in full FEFO (First Expired First Out)
  • Management of stocks in quarantine status, conform status, awaiting a decision, awaiting destruction
  • Periodic inventories
  • Pallet park management and storage

Order preparation and shipment management

  • Preparation of simple and complex orders
  • Distribution of marketing tools
  • Traceability management in preparation
  • Double-check for each order
  • Labeling of packages according to carrier specifications and ADR regulations

Packaging and labeling

  • Re-labelling of non-pharmaceutical products
  • Brochure or catalog distribution
  • Label printing
  • Display setting- up
  • Overpacking



  • National and international distribution and transport
  • Own transport fleet in Western France
  • Labeling and packaging according to the different transport modes
  • Compliance with ADR regulations
  • Traceability of shipments
  • Traceability of the transport temperature of temperature-sensitive products
  • Management of disputes with carriers

Production of performance indicators and statistics

Access to a personalized and secure portal allowing to follow in real-time the operations carried out by SERVIPHAR

After-sales management (after-sales service)

  • Management of customer complaints
  • Returns management
  • Physical and computer blocking of products
  • Management of batch recalls and scraps

Waste management

  • Management of operational waste
  • Destruction of non-compliant products by our specialized providers
  • Regulatory registrations of operational waste

Administrative follow-up and reporting

  • Receptions
  • Goods status
  • Complaints
  • Returns

Management of your financial flows

  • Storage of original documents
  • Invoice recovery
  • Dematerialization of documents
  • Customer invoicing
  • Logistics and sales statistics

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